Traumaexposition und Krisenintervention CIPBS?
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TRUST: Activating positive emotions in patients facing cancer or death
Poster presented at the 2nd World Congress on Positive Psychology / IPPA 2011 / Philadelphia / USA / July 23-26, 2011
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Cancer related distress in breast – cancer patients and resource focused –  Psychooncological Psychotherapy
Poster presented at the XV International Congress of the International Society of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology / ISPOG 2007 / Kyoto / Japan / May 13-17, 2007
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Trauma exposure and crisis intervention with CIPS
Poster presented at the VIII European Conference on Traumatic Stress, Berlin / Germany, May 22-25, 2003
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EMDR and breast cancer
Poster presented at the EMDRIA Conference, San Diego, California, June 20-23, 2002
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Post traumatic stress symptoms in breast cancer patients
Poster presented at the 1st World Congress on Women s Mental Health, Berlin/Germany, March 27 - 31, 2001
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